Cardio Vs Weights

We all want to spend quality time at the gym, not quantity time.
To use your gym visit wisely, it may pay off to work out in a certain order to maximize your efforts and attain optimal results.

Case Study
A Western Colorado University research study.
Using a sample of 24 healthy, physically active men and women ranging in age from 18–39, researchers asked every participant to perform 24 supervised workouts and had them rest for at least 48 hours between sessions. The workout included 30 minutes of cardio on a treadmill, eight resistance exercises, eight flexibility exercises. 

Muscle Building "Toning"
It’s important that you have enough glycogen in your muscles during strength training. If you do your cardio workout first, you will burn up those stores leaving you with little to work with when you go to hit the weights.

I cannot stress the significance of a quality dynamic warmup and mobility routine enough. Not only does it get the blood flowing, but it’s activating the muscles necessary to perform the movements in the subsequent workout properly while reducing the incidence of injury.


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