Brandon's Top 10 Fat Loss Tips

When it comes to fat loss, I don’t know a day to day person who isn’t confused by everything they read. I always advise people to find someone who they trust, someone who gets results and then follow the way that they work.

Each and every person who gets people in great shape, will all have a slightly different way of working. Some will favour certain styles of eating and training, others will not. In many cases, this doesn’t mean that each person is wrong with what they coach. However pull too many bits from different sources, and you’ll often get very confused, and your results will reflect this.


1. Make sure you have a clear and measurable goal from the start

Make sure your goals are set in mini-stages, as reaching each one is a huge motivational tool

2. Drink adequate amounts of water

Your muscles are 70% water, and your brain is 80%. It doesn’t take much to realise how poorly you’ll function without it. Not only that, but the kidneys and liver rely on optimal water intake to function properly. The liver is a key organ for fat loss, so you must stay hydrated. My guidelines are to drink a minimum of 3 litres of water per day.

3. Make time

One thing people never seem to have enough of is time, especially when it comes to fat loss. You have to make time, and you have to place getting in shape as a priority.

4. Eat to lose fat, don’t starve yourself

Any of you who have followed my work for any amount of time will know that I preach over and over again about eating when you’re trying to lose body fat. If you’re eating a low calorie diet and not losing body fat, there’s your answer right there. 

5. Prioritise your diet around protein

Many people don’t even think about diet structure, let alone knowing which nutrients are important at what parts of the day. A priority goal for fat loss is retaining hard earned muscle. So the first macro nutrient that I always make sure is firmly in place, is protein. 

6. Train hard

I  see people training way below their actual true capacity. If you have never been taken through a tough and well-structured workout, hire someone to do so. Not only will you learn a lot, but you will achieve way better results.

7. Surround yourself with likeminded people

Spending time with people who want different things to you, will always hold you back. Spend time with people who have a likeminded outlook on life and similar goals to you. You’ll find you’ll progress so much quicker, but at the same time, you’ll always be challenged and motivated by their drive and passion.

8. Don’t copy the diet your friend uses

People copy their friends, when they know good and well that their diets don’t work. Go down your own route, and source someone who gets results using methods which combine many of my points in this article.

9. Use rest days as an opportunity to eat lightly less calories

Calorie fluctuations are an essential tool when it comes to optimising body composition. So increase your calories slightly on training days, and then pull them back a little on rest days.

10. Learn how to lift weights

Many people lifts weights, but few do it properly. Most people have structurally imbalanced physiques, and as such usually, make their shape worse when they follow a poorly designed programme. Drop your ego and hire a coach to teach you how to lift appropriately for you and your body.