Why Weight Training is Key to Changing Your Body Shape

Beatriz decided she needed to seek help from a personal trainer. Over the last 12 weeks, she has made fantastic progress she has improved her body composition, posture, strength, and mindset.

The thing that has changed the most since training is her opinion about weight lifting and cardio. Before working with myself, she never really did weights (only classes) to her that was something just for fitness beasts, bodybuilding professionals and honestly, didn't feel confident in the weights floor environment. Since I have been with Beatriz, she has been doing weights and not only has this made the fat loss quicker, but it has also helped to correct her posture and given her strength. 

So, why is Weight Training key to changing your body shape?

Increased Strength

One of the most obvious effects of a strength training program is the increase in physical strength. And being physically strong has a number of awesome side effects.

Yeah, you’ll notice the obvious things — like you’re not intimidated by the weight room anymore. You’re totally comfortable with a barbell in your hands and you’ve graduated from the vinyl coated dumbbells stored in the group exercise room to the ones on the weight rack.

But you’ll also realise that your life is easier. Never having to think twice about carrying your kids, groceries, or the inevitable snow shoveling this winter. Things that used to be a real chore aren’t such a hassle and don’t leave you out of breath, sore and hurting for days. All of your ADL’s (activities of daily living) become much easier and less of a strain when you’ve changed your body through strength training.

Increase Muscle Mass

Let’s face it, most of us start working out to look better naked and strength training is one of the best ways to achieve that goal.

Adding some muscle mass, changing the size of a muscle, is really the only way to change the shape or “build” of your body. If you finally want the arms, shoulders, legs or butt you’ve been after, you need to lift some weights. This goes for both guys and girls. Strength training through progressive overload is the only way to stress the muscles, force them to grow, and add the muscle size and shape you’re after.

Decrease Body Fat

Like cardio, strength training burns fat, too! Although not able to match the fat-burning rates of cardio, strength training results in an “afterburn” effect where calories are burned at an elevated rate after exercise has stopped.
The afterburn can last up to 72 hours after exercise. While most people focus on cardio for losing the last 5 lbs of fat, all trainers SHOULD agree that the most effective formula for weight loss is usually a combination of nutrition and strength training.

When combined with the increase in metabolism that results from adding more muscle to your frame over time, it’s obvious that strength training can be a powerful tool in the battle against body fat.

I could go on and ON! Other benefits of Weight Training...
1. Improved posture 
2. Building a better skeleton 
3. Improving brain function 
4. Improving confidence 
5. Building new relationships

I hope this gives you an insight into a few, of many benefits of weight training. If you have any questions on weight training or cardio, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask for help! 

Have a great week!
Talk to you soon,