Body Transformation

Summer body preparation is a go. Please, please and please. I see this far too often!

“I’m going on holiday in two weeks I need to lose weight quick”

Don’t be this person. You have time, if you’re going away in June this gives you a good 12 weeks/3months to really drop some body fat and you can make a huge body transformation in that time. 
Here are a few tips that will make a massive difference to the way you look and feel. 

  1. Remove Processed Foods

  2. Remove Common Intolerant Food Groups 

  3. Increase Your Fibre Intake  

  4. Increase Your Water/Hydration Intake 

  5. Increase Your Vegetable Intake 

  6. Increase Your Essentials Fats Into Your Diet “Yeah! I said it, add in those good fats”

  7. Ensure You Are Getting Protein A Cross The Day

When it comes to working with body transformation clients. 
I look at their nutrition, current health status such as stress, cell health, hormones etc. Will I still work with someone, who is stressed and has been following a very unhealthy diet? 
Sure I will. Now the results over the 12 weeks may not be as impressive, but nonetheless, the 12-week period is still a focussed time to see how well the person can do. I will address any health issues such as stress, digestion and sleep most definitely.

In my experience, people who commit to a time frame do so much better than people who sign up for ongoing training. I always review the progress my clients are making, and I have a number of my clients who signed up with me for 12 weeks, but who are years down the line and still looking at set targets like 3 months away.

So to conclude, the real issue comes when people are being promised results that are unachievable in a 12 week time frame. So long at realistic goals are laid out, a realistic level of training is applied, considering health and nutritional status, there is nothing wrong at all with people committing themselves to 3 months.

Set a time frame, acknowledge your achievements, adapt to the new you, and set new goals for the next phase.

If you are wanting to achieve your own body transformation use my 
Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Guide to
help you and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate. 

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