Every Champion Was Once A Beginner

We admire certain people and think they have everything! Like money, big booty’s, more muscle, less fat, better life and we wish away our time always looking to strive for something better and that is probably not real. Social media allows us to post snippets of our lives giving a false representation of reality. 

My life is far from perfect and so is everyone else’s! 

You have to remember that these people that we aspire to be like or look up too were once in our/your position looking up their own idols and role models.
Learn to enjoy the journey, work hard towards whatever it is you're trying to achieve, you will have it one day. It takes time, be patient. 

1.    Building muscle takes time. 

2.    Money doesn’t grow on trees. It takes time to build up. 

3.    Body fat takes to decrease, it doesn’t happen overnight. 

4.    Everything worth having takes time. It comes down to, how badly do you want to achieve it.

Stop beating yourself up thinking you're not where you want to be yet and putting yourself down. Start to look long term and not for a quick fix. Wake up everyday knowing you're making improvements to your health, and income. Use your time wisely and lets do it!