Logging your food is the key to FAT LOSS!

Tracking food for fat loss

Recording what you eat in the day is going to help you lose body fat I promise, because you are able to see what you are consuming in black and white. Then if you have any sort of fitness tracker, like a fitbit you can also track how much you are burning on a daily basis, which makes this process so much easier.

Keeping a food log also isn’t as hard as people make out and as tasking as you may think. I personally feel if you want to drop body fat and it’s a priority to you. Then you need to make time and understand what you are eating. If you cant track your food consistently for a week, losing body fat isn’t a priority for you right now. Writing everything down will help you learn what is actually in your food and when you do that, you will definitely be able to keep eating the things that you love in moderation and achieve your goals.

NOW let's track some food

  1. The old fashion way and keep an actual diary, pen and paper and write down everything you need to know. I have clients who buy a little note pad and write it all down, text me a list at the end of each day or send me pictures of every meal and drink that week. Some other clients have a list on their fridges that tells them everything they are going to consume in the day/week.

  2. Apps“We love technically. The best one for me personally is MyFitnessPal, its very easy to log everything in and if you want too you can just scan the barcode and it does it for you. I have clients added to my account so I can view there daily and weekly calorie intake. Fantastic for people who are on the go most of the time“which is most of us nowadays”

  3. We have watches like FitBit, Apple Watches and Android, “if you swing that way!” Where you can also log everything that you are doing during the day. Though the app is not as detailed as MyFitnessPal but it still tracks and it will be consistent for you.

If your goal is to drop some body fat or you just want to start to feel tighter in your clothes, have less bloating and feel healthier.
I want you to write down everything you eat and drink for 5 days, then send me your list and the end of the week. I will give you some FREE feedback and my opinion on how you can move forward to achieve your goals.

Send your Food Diaries to me via
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