Trust The Process

This is by far one of the hardest barriers you will face in your fitness and nutrition journey. Don’t worry, I’ve been there! I know how it feels. 

I’ve mostly noticed this when clients are trying to lose weight. For myself, when I was dieting for a show. It’s completely natural for you to lose motivation, and question, “Why am I doing this” you are  human… you’re going to have shit days! It’s life. 

Lets put this into real life. 

“You have a wedding to attend in 12 weeks time, and you want to lose some weight and tighten up. 

·     Don’t stress. Get used to planning your day and week out, for example.        

- 6.00am Wake Up

- 7.00am Leave for Work 

- 8.30am Work 

- 12-2pm Lunch Hour Workout/Work on your side project.

- 2-5/6pm Work

- 6-9/10pm Family/Workout 

- 9/10-11pm-12am Workout on your side project.

·     Prepare meals that you won't be home for. Lunch and a few snacks meals, this will make a huge difference to your body, mindset, and overall conquer your goal. Please don’t over complicate the foods, eat what you love! Just control portion sizing, eat most your carbs around your workout, drink water/ sugar-free water to keep you full and hydrated, and get your veggies/salads in. these will keep you full for not many calories

·     Make sure you eliminate all negativity from your life. ALL! Surround yourself with a great support team. People that want the best for you and that will bring out the best in you. Anyone that is negative and dragging you down tell them to fu** them out of your life (harsh, but true)

·     Ask for help! The benefit of social media is that you can reach out and ask people that have more knowledge than your self. If they are rude and don’t reply, they're not worth your time anyway. 

·     Get a coach! I have one, Andy Murray has, Usain Bolt has, and Chelsea FC has. To achieve the success you need to become accountable, having someone knowledgeable to help push you, to drive you on the right path can be the difference between success and failure. Never see your own progress as an expense. Start seeing it as an investment. 

In Short, it all comes down to how badly do you want to change? If you want it that bad, great! You’re halfway there. It won’t be a walk in the park, it will be hard, and you must stay consistent. If you stay consistent, I promise! You will conquer your goals and more…