Personal Trainer In Central London, Covent Garden

specialising Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Mind & Body Confidence.

My name is Brandon Hepburn, I provide personal training in central London and online coaching. With personalised nutrition and exercise plans. 

Following in the family’s footsteps, I have been an athlete since the age of 14. We have all competed (and still do) at an International level. I personally have represented the GBR Kayaking Team, competing at National Events, European Championships, World Cups and World Championships. I have travelled the world following the sport I love, seizing opportunities to see many amazing places. Privileged to have been a part of a great team and to have experienced such wonderful cultures and environments in which my sport took place.

Kayaking Competitive Portfolio

Team GBR Athlete 5 Years

British Champion 

World Cup 3rd

North America Cup 6th 

Euro Cup 6th

Canada Cup 3rd

At 18, feeling a little lost with post competition blues, not knowing “what next” in my education, career, sport and life, a chance photo shoot with one of my sponsors changed everything. I saw other athletes dedicated to their chosen sports, focused and well-tuned. That’s when the light bulb moment happened and I knew the answer to my “what next” question. I wanted to learn, teach, compete and help others to achieve their goals.

So, here I am. Fully qualified Personal Trainer and Athlete, a fat loss, muscle gain specialist and one to one Personal Trainer supporting a number of others and athletes with their fitness goals. My mission is to inspire others to better themselves. Giving people knowledge on training, nutrition and making it apart of there lifestyle so that they can achieve and then maintain real, sustainable results without giving up on a social life. I want people to get the results, by doing what they love. You should enjoy being fitter, healthier and getting one step closer to achieving your goals. 

I’m also competing as a Men’s Physique Athlete. Just to show you that I also need to train and stay focused! This is a huge part of my life today. Building muscle and sculpting a physique has fascinated me gaining muscle, losing body fat and body transformation is what I love to teach, preach and see within myself. I love learning, whether a textbook or on the job. I get so pumped working with people, their challenges become my challenges.

“Anyone has the ability to achieve greatness, what sets people apart is there mind and actions”


“Inspiring others to better themselves. Helping individuals achieve their goals with personalised diet plans, weight loss & muscle building plans”

Brandon Hepburn