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“I am a busy professional struggling to balance staying fit and heathy. Brandon offers a super simply approach with a focus on building from the ground up getting the basic right! With this foundation he then resets your body and passion for training. I lost just under 8kg in 8 weeks that almost felt easy!

On top of this he is a great guy, very positive and he holt goes above and beyond to make sure you get what you want out of your time with him. Highly recommend him as one of London’s best trainers.”

Jodie Oakes

“Brandon 100% knows what he's doing to make you feel and look your best. He's humble and fun to work with, but mainly - gets results!”

Mike Shaw

(Online Client)

“Brandon has been great. He worked with me to shape a very personal training and nutrition program.
Incredibly attentive throughout, he stayed in touch regularly and is genuinely interested as to how the program is working. Brandon was more than happy to tweak things to my needs.”

Niall Sanghani

“Brandon is the most friendliest and professional personal trainer I've ever had. His attention to detail, punctuality and flexibility is very rare to find. I'd recommend him to anyone. He's a lovely bloke and very knowledgeable 10/10.”

Sam Gibbins

(Online Client)

“I knew something had to change when I was looking at the wobbly, bobbly bits of stomach. So I decided to give Brandon's 8 week challenge a go, and wow! It's been a journey and an experience! After the initial first week of aches and pains, my body was ready and raring to go by the second week, my moods started to change and I started to feel much more upbeat! Slowly but surely my body started to look much more toned and I feel comfortable in my own skin!

People have complimented the way I look and it is all thanks to Brandon and his support. Brandon did weekly check-in's with me over 8 weeks and it helped hugely on the areas which I needed to target and improve on! I've been most impressed by my posture. My back no longer arches and I can actually stand up straight now! Also, I have some abs forming now (something which after first spotting them coming along in the mirror made me think "I'm sorry, is this real") after a prod and a poke they were real and I wasn't dreaming.

The power of a motivational fitness trainer knows no bounds! The online element worked perfectly for me, I like being told what to do, where to focus on and then to go and do my homework (or in this case, go and train!), for me it's nice and easy and straight forward! With my now new found gym knowledge and confidence, I'm gonna be training up for a third half marathon and also keep on maintaining my level of fitness!

But I really wouldn't have got to the place where I am, in terms of how I look physically and how happy I am mentally without Brandon! Thanks so much mate! It's really helped me get out the rut that I was in!”

Namrata Vyas

“I have been workout with Brandon for almost a year now and he is an exceptional coach. I started working out with Brandon after pregnancy to get back in the shape. I have done 1 on 1 training as well as online coaching with Brandon.

He is extremely supportive and makes sure I stay on track by proactively staying touch. Even during online coaching Brandon made sure to check in with me regarding progress and to tweak the plan depending on my hectic travel schedule. I have always worked out with PT for many years and no one is as invested in your progress as Brandon. He is accommodating whether it’s workout at 6am at the gym or at home depending on childcare availability– Brandon is so creative and pushes me to the limit even with no gym equipment available at home!

Thank you Brandon. I would never have gotten this far without you….truly appreciate your support.”

Beatriz Leon Lopez

Max Karlsson

(Online Client)

“I worked with Brandon over my off season training (Online Client), my goal was to get stronger and gain more muscle mass. This goal was easily met! Brandon sent me all the nessecary documents and kept me on track with a great diet! Weekly check-ins over the phone were extemely helpful and no matter when I would send a message he answered very quick.

I really enjoyed working with Brandon, not only is he a great coach but an amazing athlete. He continues to inspire me every time I see him post on social media!”

Louisa Lee


Joe Snell

“I trained with Brandon for 6 weeks whilst my usual PT was away.   During this short time I benefitted immensely from his super positive outlook on life and his infectious energy.   Brandon boosted my confidence to work out, and made me feel at home walking into the gym, working out and working out outside of my comfort zone (in a supportive, and no way in a pushy, or aggressive way). And he made it fun to work out, whilst making good progress (which is why we put ourselves through this, right?).   Brandon offers the “full package” – from PT, food planning, motivation, check-ins and progress reporting, all completely personalised to me, where I am at, and where I wanted to be. As I was only training with Brandon for a short-time, I was only looking for the PT sessions and motivation, and this was just fine – the other aspects were not pushed onto me in anyway.   Would I recommend Brandon? Absolutely and whole heartedly without hesitation. Had I not been in an existing relationship with my regular PT already, I would choose Brandon without hesitation. A consummate professional.   Brandon in six words: positivity, energetic, motivational, fun, progressive, professional.”

Will Cotterell

“Brandon has done an amazing job at helping me with my nutrition and training. He cares about what he does and is always available whenever I have any questions or concerns!”

Joey Ma

“Great man and helpful coach. Always encouraging, never giving up. Great process with him to have a healthier way of working out, diet and living.”

Matt Mortimer

“He's a great guy with lots of advice and support to get the best results for me as the client. He's a fantastic nutritionist and is always checking in on me with if he can help me any further with food or work outs. 

Before I started coming to the gym I never had the confidence to just pick up a weight in a gym as I always thought people would stare at me etc but actually working with Brandon he's helped me find the confidence to pick up a weight and do many different exercises I never thought I'd ever do (Thank you for that Brandon!). He's also a lovely guy and asks how my week has been etc but most importantly during every workout he customises it to suit me and will push me way past my comfort zones but with his motivation and drive he has helped me get closer to my goal of using all the equipment in Gymbox, CG and get to where I personally wanted to be as strength is a big part of my work and he's helped me strengthen up and has given me greater understanding of my body's nutritional needs.

Thank you for everything you've done/doing for me to get to where I want to be, couldn't of done this without you! I would 100% recommend Brandon to absolutely anybody who needs that extra push to achieve their Gym goals or just to find confidence in using the equipment or even for nutritional purposes!”

Elena Flondor

"I found Brandon by mistake on Facebook when I was searching for a gym to get in. After speaking and have a session with him I started my personal training with him, it's the first time when I've see someone so passionate about his job and so interested in helping others to achieve their goals. I didn’t expect that someone will give me motivation, even thought I’ve been trying to go to gym for one year now but I was lacking motivation. Now because of Brandon's help I get my full motivation and I started to love doing to the gym. Thank you! I highly recommend Brandon. He is the best!"

Hector Godoy

"Training with Brandon has been amazing. He constantly pushes me to reach my goals whilst keeping me motivated and offers great insight as to how to keep on track. I highly recommend training with him." 

Valentina Catalano

"Recently started with Brandon, all I can say is... Best PT ever , he really help me a lot, for me was a struggle in the last few years even trying to put my mind in starting to get healthier, but with is support and all his programs just designed for myself, I already feel so much better only 1 month after. People around me started noticing the change, and now for the first time in a long time I am looking forward to my gym session. Really amazing Man!!! Thanks!! He is teaching me that every is possible."

Craig Iremonger

"From day one Brandon has given me 100% dedication. Every session I’m learning new things, pushing my strength and confidence further. Brandon is not just a PT. He’s a life Coach. Motivate and Inspire #TeamBH"

 Sophie Fuller

"I started my fitness journey in a very unconventional way. I am on the road to recovery from an eating disorder and was absolutely petrified about setting foot in a gym again. I had no confidence, no self esteem and for me was a huge leap out of my comfort Zone
I first approached Brandon and was totally honest about my recovery and areas which I really struggled with (food) and unlike other trainers, he was more than happy to help me.

Whilst I'm very early on in my journey I can't thank him enough. He's so understanding when I don't want to weigh myself, or when I'm too tired to give 100%, yet he's still pushing me in the gym, which is helping my confidence both in and out of the gym.There's days where I feel like I can't push myself any further and that it would be easier to give up yet with Brandon's support I somehow manage to get there and hit weights I never thought I'd be able to. 
I've been open and honest about my Challenges with food and Brandon's given me so much time and helped me build a plan around the foods I feel comfortable eating. And it's working! 2 months in and there are positive changes. 

All that's great, but the thing that sets Brandon apart is his constant support, whether than be at 6am or 10pm, he's always there." 

Silvia & Alberto

"This is our first experience with a personal trainer and could not be better. Training with Brandon is a pleasure; he has always a smile for us. 

The first time we met, we were a bit worried as people say that PT are really expensive.... nothing, however, could be further from the truth.
We are training 2 days a week (1.5h each day) with him. He prepared a tailored program for the both of us and takes measurements of our body every week. However, the most important thing is the support he provides 24/7.

It’s amazing the results we are getting following his training programme and the diet dairy. We went to the gym looking for something we thought impossible but we will achieve it because of him. 

Thank you very much Brandon." 

Kelly Monahan

“I first got to meet Brandon through attending and enjoying his spin & fat burn classes at the gym, after a couple of months and meeting a gym buddy we both felt we had come to a stand still with our goals an needed some direction - so we approached him for some PT sessions to train together.
Before training with Brandon I would never have felt comfortable or confident to use the weights and machinery I was just sticking to loads of fitness classes and very restrictive dieting. PT sessions are always fun an testing but outside of the gym he is always checking in with us making sure we are ok an motivated, an providing advice when we need it.
After nearly 3 months of enjoyable training sessions we are both also training 2-3days a week on our own following the workout plan he has set for us.  We are both completely re-educated towards nutrition - I was fixated on loosing weight an he has made me realise this was not the answer an I have actually gained a few pounds, (which was my biggest fear) but my body shape has changed an I'm much more toned.
I highly recommend personal training with Brandon he is devoted and cares about helping his clients to achieve their goals - thank you Brandon.”

Ben Donkor

“Let me tel you why Brandon is the best personal trainer you'll ever work with: I've worked with so many personal trainers in my life, and none of them worked for me - no follow-ups, no drive, no real interest in what my goals were, and it felt very transactional, just there for the money but not for me. 
Then I met Brandon. Brandon not only changed my perception of having a personal trainer, but he also showed me what a personal trainer should be like: he's attentive, encouraging, he checks in regularly to see how my fitness journey is going because he genuinely cares, and he knows that it's not just about dumbbells and free weights - he knows that fitness covers nutrition too, and he's helped me so much with it too. Despite my busy work schedule, he's given me the motivation to keep going, to be better than the last time he saw me, to eat and live healthier, and to reach my fitness goals. I'm now at a point where I honestly crave my next sessions with him, and I looking forward to hitting the gym as often as I possibly can - something I never felt before I met Brandon. If you're still looking for the ultimate personal trainer, stop looking - you've just found him.”

Elthon Albuquerque 

"It’s been a pleasure to be training with someone so passionate about what he does. Even though we have only been training for a few months I am enjoying every session. Brandon not only motivates me to make it through each session he does it in a way that I really look forward to the next one. He has also provided useful advice for making changes to my lifestyle, which has helped contribute to improving my fitness levels.                                                                                                 

Another plus is that you can feel that he really cares about his clients, with regular follow-ups and check-ins (he's not the kind of PT you only hear from on your appointment slot).                                                                                                   

I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a PT, Brandon will help you achieve your goals."

Brooke Helmore

"I'd been going to the gym for a couple of months before doing any PT sessions with Brandon - I was losing weight on my own but mainly by consuming very little calories a day, & going to as many classes as I could! I loved the way Brandon taught his classes (& still attend the weight-training & spin classes), but I realised that this wasn't the healthiest/best way for me to achieve my goals of losing a little weight & building muscle...so this is when I turned to Brandon for PT sessions. 
Over the past few months he has given me an education in nutrition, & has made me feel confident at using the weights section at the gym; this was a very big hurdle as I felt too intimidated to step anywhere near the machines or weights due to being female, but I now confidently workout in this area a few times a week using a training programme Brandon specifically wrote for me & exercises he has taught me in the PT sessions. He also continuously checks in with me and gives motivation outside of sessions, & always makes himself available to answer my questions & give advise on all things health & fitness. 
Since I have started working with Brandon I have noticed, I have heaps more energy, I feel much healthier, & my body shape has changed for the better. 
I would 100% recommend Brandon as a personal trainer, & I know that we will have many more PT sessions together!
Thank you for all your help, advice & motivation Brandon!"


(Online Client)

I would like to call him the GOLD BOY!! I’ve seen many personal trainers but no one as Brandon... his knowledge, support, dedication, etc make you to embrace your lifestyle and enjoy the journey... thanks so much Brandon for everything that you have taught me, no doubt we will work together very soon!!

Sarah Hart

(Online Client)

“Only been with Brandon just under two months as an online client but came to him wanting a plan and wanting to learn how to lift weights because I had no idea where to start.

Brandon takes the time to create a plan best suited for your needs and creates a little video going through your specific macros and training alongside a nutrition guide which is super helpful. If something is not working for you nutrition wise or you want to incorporate different movements into your training Brandon is on it straight away with tweaking the plan or suggesting helpful tips.

Brandon is super attentive, always giving good advice and amazing encouragement. Would recommend to everyone!”

Jenny Wu

“Brandon is really helpful. He designed good training session and nutrition suggestions for me that made me conquer my goal.”

Richard Obrien

“Great to work with, very understanding and wants to see everyone hit their goals”

Savvy Clement

Georgia Merridan

(Online Client)

“Working with Brandon has massively helped me approach my training and diet it a much healthier more sustainable way! I’ve always struggled with consistency, yo-yo dieting and an unhealthy approach to workouts and weight loss.... but with Brandon’s help I am more knowledgable, confident and stronger than ever! My confidence in the gym has gone from strength to strength and I’m enjoying and understanding my workouts! My gym fear has disappeared!

His encouraging and positive approach to training is second to none. I can talk to him about anything and know I have his full support. He helps in so many life aspects looking at health, sleep and the mind etc. which is great and so important! Brandon has been amazing at catering my plan around an old injury. He has helped me gain strength and participate in exercises that I never thought I’d do again after my injury.

He always has great advice and is a pleasure to work with!! His approach and willingness to go out of his way to help his clients is truly inspiring! Thank you so much Brandon!

Anthea Lau

“Great advise on food and trainning. Attentive. Love trainning with Brandon. Very flexible to fit in our busy schedules - no excuse not to work out!”

Kieren Wong

“I had initially been going to the gym on and off, where time allowed it as a result of my work and social life. However, one day I decided enough was enough, as I felt more lethargic by the day. I wanted my life to become more active and decided the best way to do this was to hire a PT.

Let’s be honest, some people can go to the gym every day and workout but some people (me) need that extra little push. I met with Brandon and we had a good initial chat and so I decided to give it a go. I am only three months into my training with Brandon, but I already feel way more energised than I used to be and 100x more knowledgeable about how the body works, functions and more importantly what to do in the gym. The enthusiasm and the knowledge of different routines as well as nutrition plans created by Brandon makes him in my mind a top PT.

Not to forget the constant check-ins and support he provides should you have any questions; he is always reachable. I never enjoyed the gym as much as I have now, and to be fair, it is all down to Brandon, his creativity and the way he makes it enjoyable. I’ll be honest, I never can wait for the next PT session that is in the diary.

Beth Delaney

(Online Client)

“Working with Brandon has been incredible. He's a fantastic Coach. He really is one of a kind. I'm looking to tone and eventually be on stage and he is helping me all the way from workouts to a diet plan.

Brandon is 100% supportive and never tells me I can't do it. He constantly checks in to make sure I'm OK and whenever I've struggled he has been there to support me. I have been working with Brandon for a few months now and it's the best few months ever. I never ever feel alone in my fitness and Nutritional journey. I know whenever I need to I can call/message him and he will support me. He has given up his valuable time to listen to my dreams and goals and supports me all the way.

Brandon motivates me in and out of the gym. It's because of Brandon I took up a personal training qualification. He cares so much about his clients. He truly is a good coach. Great man and great friend.

Thank you Brandon. I would never have got this far without you! Looking forward to this fitness journey and I'm half he is by my side.”


(Online Client)

“Working with Brandon has given me the most confidence I have had in the gym. He is the best online coached I have used and gets to know his clients well and is personable – he’s so motivating and supportive with the training and other things like stress, sleep, health etc.

I honestly didn’t think you could get an online coach like Brandon, he goes above and beyond – he has helped me find my feet again at the gym and I’m excited to continue working with him and progress even further!”

Suzannah Ryabchuk

“I know that working with Brandon Hepburn over the past 3 months has brought me greater confidence and noticeable results, through an enjoyable plan. His encouraging and motivational style and support has given me a lot more knowledge about not only how to lift weights safely and correctly to get the most out of a work out. He’s also taught me that I can achieve a lot more than I thought was possible, before I worked with him.

Brandon has given me the reality checks that we all need, whilst really championing my progress. His sessions get you into your stretch zone, deliver results, and you have fun.”

Andras Juhasz

“Brandon is a great PT. He is motivating, knows what will work for you and has attention for detail. I trained with him because I wanted to improve my technique and be more confident with doing some exercises. He helped me achieve both. Brandon also gave some excellent nutrition tips. Our training sessions were good fun.”

Bree Van Zyl

“If you are looking for a personable personal trainer you have found him. Brandon really does care about you as an individual. Everyday he would not only enquire about my fitness but also my personal health as well. You're not only getting health advice but someone who will listen to you, no matter the time of day.

I took part in Brandon's online 4 week Christmas challenge as I was impressed with his enthusiasm for fitness and health on his personal Instagram and hoped the challenge would spur me on during one of the hardest months to keep your fitness goals in check. Which I am glad to say it did! 

I had also become stagnant in my workouts and burnt myself out with the same cardio and weights routines. Brandon worked out a new routine after talking through what I was comfortable to do and achieve within the week, which made me feel confident, the new routine would work.

Sadly I did get ill with the flu during the last week of the challenge, so couldn't push myself with the workouts. However, I did keep to the set nutrition goals and still lost weight during that time.

In the end Brandon helped me to keep track of my fitness goals and be held accountable for everything I did within the 4 weeks of the challenge. As an online client, I wasn't worried about messaging him at any time and getting feedback by sending videos was also very helpful. Thanks Brandon!”

Roxanne Nejad

“Training with Brandon has really supported my confidence in the gym. It's a pretty intimidating place at first and Brandon has been very patient and adaptable to my personal goals around strength and confidence in the gym. 

It's not just about the workout either, he's supported with my (plant-based) nutritional goals and also my general knowledge on the biology of my body to help its performance. 

I'm not someone you would describe as being "into her fitness", I'm just someone who is trying to help their body do things it couldn't before, and Brandon has been a fantastic support through this journey and continues to be so.”

Eloise Emley

"Awesome PT! Brandon has been so helpful in really teaching me what I need to be doing, both in terms of my personal goals and protecting/preventing my recurring injuries. Lovely guy, really personable and attentive. Would recommend!"

Adam Nathan Schultz

Elaine Floyer

"I trained with Brandon while I was visiting London from San Francisco.
He was very responsive to my training goals and helped me achieve them in a short period of time. My goal was overall muscle toning. He has a great acumen about what was required of me. He is very knowledgeable and is passionate about training and fitness and it shines through. I loved training with him. 
Thank you Brandon!"

Ben Storey

Sarah Kolb

"I started training with Brandon as part of my late-stage knee injury rehabilitation programme (I'm a professional dancer) in order to build more explosive strength and to even out muscle mass and strength in my body again after a long period of inactivity and I couldn't be more happy with my results! Not only did I achieve what I had set out for myself with Brandon's knowledge and encouragement in less than 12 weeks - the muscle mass in my legs is perfectly symmetrical after 10 weeks of training -, I also and much more importantly rediscovered my love for movement and physical exercise and newly discovered a love for weightlifting! 
Brandon had me confidently using weights and machines with a focus on proper form and safety in no time - any woman will know that this can be an intimidating task - and has been nothing but positive, encouraging and supportive since our very first trial session. He is clearly extraordinarily passionate about his profession and deeply cares about his clients' wishes, goals and progress. I always feel comfortable approaching him with any questions and he always takes the time to answer with as much knowledge and consideration as possible.
This is my first experience with personal training, and I can confirm that it absolutely is a valuable investment in one's health, fitness and well-being. Training with Brandon is absolutely the right thing for anybody looking to improve their fitness and/or physique as well as their body confidence and quality of life."

Georgina Frances Godo

"Brandon is an amazing personal trainer! Every week is varied which means the sessions are never boring, learnt so much already and not just about training but lifestyle choices as well, so pleased to have met him, would definitely recommend!"

Jozef Kocian

"I've started training with Brandon around 7 months ago and I can say I'm glad I did so. Brandon helped me to understand how my body works, always pushes me one step further and motivates me to go forward and beyond. 

Great trainer, motivator and person!" 

Gemma Souden

"I first met Brandon with him teaching spin class. Not only was Brandon welcoming & friendly but his class was really motivating. I soon only booked on his spin class... So when looking to do some PT sessions I went straight to Brandon. He's been motivating, listens to me & very patient & detailed in showing me training movements. 
When I'm unsure about doing weight lifting movement he assures me & watches me so I don't hurt myself. 
He's given me confidence in free weight training but also in believing in myself. Outside PT sessions he thought me to listen to my body & not to beat myself up when feeling down about myself. Nothing but amazing supporter in pushing me to achieve my goals! Look forward to future working out together!” 

Keren Hack

"Brandon is very in tune with the overall process of changing your lifestyle not just achieving your short term goals. He definitely didn't accept no for an answer but was happy to adapt to my limitations! He really helped me understand more of what would work for me and I saw results particularly in my attitude to training!"

Kim Leigh

"I have been training with Brandon for over a year now and it is the best thing I have ever done. Each session is challenging and I never thought I would feel comfortable in the free weights section but I am. Brandon is motivating and supportive, even to the extent of having pictures of my food each day. I would definitely recommend him as a trainer to anyone!"

Robert Wienesen

"Started my PT at the end of summer last year and haven't looked back. He is realistic and a good motivator and has kept me coming back over the past months (including restarting a food diary). The exercises are tailored to my level and it's always a good workout gaining confidence with the free weights and other equipment in the gym. Highly recommended."

 Lucy Palette

"I've only recently started training with Brandon but already noticing big changes. He always pushes me to my limit and makes me keep going when I want to stop! Ive learnt so much, and each session we always try new things. Having a training plan to work on my own has been so helpful. I would definitely recommend him."

Omar Ehsan

"Brandon has the patience, knowledge and discipline to take my fitness to the next level. I'm so impressed with his fitness level."

Katherine Keeber

"Brandon started training me back in August after I decided to swap Personal Trainers and I honestly can say I have never been happier. Brandon is a natural born motivator and pushes me to be the best that I can, His routines vary each week and I always look forward to each session, He does not give up on me. When I have said in the past I cant, he helps me rise above and doesn't take no for an answer, He has a true passion for personal training. Brandon has helped me with not only fitness but he has also transformed my nutrition, he goes into detail with my foods, and guides me for what I can and cant eat and gives me guidance, suggestions and most importantly the support I need, and is happy to go shopping with you to help you reach your potential further, I have seen amazing results already, and have dropped 2 sizes in the space of a few months. I am excited to see more results with Brandon's training. Swapping Trainers to Brandon has truly been the best thing I have ever done. Brandon puts 110% into his clients and I feel like without Brandon I wouldn't have been able to have reached the point I am now. Brandon has transformed my life and I feel even more confident every week, and would recommend Brandon to all of my friends. Thanks Brandon."

Andrew McConnell

“First and foremost Brandon is a lovely human being. Kind, considerate and very understanding of my rather erratic approach to making our workout appointments. Secondly he is a top notch trainer, not taking any of my whining and making sure I got the work done.

I have come to love leg days and feeling the burn. He also provides a full 360 degree service including nutrition, recipe and supplement advice. I'm sorry that I'm moving away but look forward to working with him online.”

Angela & Ricardo

“ We called on Brandon around April 2019 to help us get #WeddingFit. What we loved from the day we met him was that he was able to identify how our goals (which in our minds were different) could actually be achieved together. This has made our sessions more enjoyable as we were able to work together and push each other along.

From day 1, Brandon brought the greatest amount of energy to the sessions. He is always motivating us, showing us that we can do anything we put our minds to. His knowledge of fitness, health and the general mind and body really helps you place confidence in his ability to help you be a better you.

He has helped us look the best we have ever looked, guided us to improve our eating habits while showing us how we can still enjoy our food, motivated us through our weekly check-ins and reminding us how far we have come. He is always there to assist with any questions we have at any point and has also been so flexible with time, as he understands the busy lives of Londoners these days.

Brandon has really helped us achieve our goals and we are beyond happy with the results in just 3 months. Thanks so much!”

Reiss Simpson

(Online Client)

“I have been with Brandon for 6 months now and he has changed my whole mindset about fitness and life. Before I started working with Brandon I used to dip in and out of the gym, try and eat more healthy but never really made that much progress. So in these 6 months I have learnt a lot about what my body needs, sticking and working with a diet plan and gym routine, keeping my mental health good, showing me that the “gym life” didn’t have to be this crazy life of dieting and not being able to have fun but to be healthy and happy at the same time, but most of all being happy in my own skin, feeling great in the gym and seeing results I’d never seen before. All of this was with the help of Brandon.
Why I would recommend Brandon?
- I truly believe he has a genuine interest in his client and wants to help them reach their goal.
- 24/7 communication, whenever I have a question or am worried about something weather that he fitness of life related he is always there for me and help me work out the problem.
Even though I’m an online client he still makes the effort to ask how I am on a daily basis so the fact I don’t see him every week for session makes no difference.
- He knows what he’s doing! Brandon is constantly learning and trying to better himself for the benefit of us. For me Brandon was perfect as I could see he had gone through the getting lean/putting on muscle phase so I knew he was the guy for me.
- He has helped me understand my body, weather it be with nutrition, how to keep my stress down, how to crave my sweet tooth or just general life things

Even if you have been training for a year or a just starting the Brandon will 100% support you and drive you to reach the best you you can be.
He has helped me change my lifestyle from eating bad foods, not really progressing to eat healthy, feeling amazing and seeing results!

I look forward to the next 10 weeks of shredding with you bro!

Join the Team Brandon. You won’t regret it!”

Angsuyan Fokouh

“I trained with Brandon for a period of 2 months. I had him on a one to one programme in witch he gave me the tools to built a life based on routine, consistency and one of my biggest problems, good sleep. Brandon is always around when needed and will always give you the best for you specific need. Before choosing Brandon as my personal trainer I followed him on IG and put into practice loads of his advises and loved them all. I would ask him questions and he would take the time and give me an honest and personalised answer. That is why I choose Brandon.”

Gemma Souden

“I first met Brandon that teached our spinning class! He was always motivating & friendly & would always have time to chat to u at the end with any fitness related questions. When I was looking for a PT I knew I wanted Brandon. Through our PT sessions Brandon gave me his 100% attention & pushed me out of my comfort zone & got me trying new things. I’ve learnt a lot from Brandon & I’m confident using free weights. I still use his training plan he gave today in my own training! Highly recommend... great guy!”

Marcus Wright

“Before starting with Brandon, I was extremely self conscious and the gym was a very intimidating environment for me. Diets and nutrition used to discombobulate me and I was very poor at keeping hydrated. Being accountable to him with weekly check ins, not only am I more confident, I’m well hydrated, I’m loosing fat and gaining muscle with the definition I wanted.

After just 3 weeks I saw a huge difference giving me the motivation to carry on and see what I could achieve. Brandon’s there 24/7 to answer any questions and drives me to be my best with the respect to personal limits (carrying injuries) but high motivation to crack that comfort zone and reach full potential. Ever session is tailored to your needs showing his passion in not only what he does but helping individuals achieve their results. I now love going to the gym to work out.

Thank you Brandon for everything. Amazing guy, brilliant P.T and would highly recommend any one of his programs as a valuable investment to mind, body and overall well-being.”

Elisha Wilson

Couldn't have asked for a better trainer! Really passionate about his clients and just a generally great guy. Highly recommend!

Ryn Zhan

“Brandon is an amazing P.T. He's very passionate in what he does and I find him very motivating as well!! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for someone who can encourage you to push your boundaries and is committed to help you every step of the way.”

Ayman Awan

“Absolutly Brilliant PT, Great Results, Probably the best PT in and around London, Thanks Brandon”

Maz  Foster

"Brandon at the Covent Garden Gym Box and it completely switched my mind-set on exercise and nutrition. Before I saw working out as a necessary evil and being mindful of my nutrition was focussed on calorie counting and not eating carbs. Now I exercise more than I ever have and actually want to fit in my training. I'm also eating more than I was before but am so much more aware and better educated when it comes to what I'm putting in my body. Plus I don't feel like I'm depriving myself so it's the best of both worlds. I saw the changes in my body and strength so quickly (3 weeks) and it was Brandon's expertise and tailored advice but, more importantly, his constant support and enthusiasm that's made the biggest difference. Really can't recommend Brandon highly enough!" 

Chris Cox

"I used Brandon as my PT at Gym Box in Covent Garden. In our first session, Brandon sat down with me and we talked through my goals and how I might achieve them. He then designed a training and food plan for me to follow and I trained with him once a week, following the plan for the rest of the week. Brandon’s plan definitely gave me the results I was looking for and regular check ins and updates helped me stay motivated. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Brandon as a PT."

Rachel Sheppard

"I started with Brandon about a year ago. After speaking to him about my goals & what I would like to achieve I came away feeling I could reach them. I didn’t have much confidence in myself & I always overthink things, this has all changed. He has shown me a verity of exercises I can do in the gym & if I didn’t get it first time, he would show me again & again until I did. I find it hard to maintain my weight but since following a nutrition plan that is specified to my needs I haven’t lost anything, I have gained which is a big thing for me. Nothing is ever to much trouble, I couldn’t of got this far with out all his constant help. Even though I don’t work with Brandon now he has moved to London he’s still there for me, always giving me advise & checking on my progress."

Jamie King

"Brandon is a great PT, He helped me achieve my goals and was always there to motivate me this was at the gym and over the phone. I would highly recommend him."

Alex Hepburn

"Had Brandon as an online coach for a while now. His enthusiasm and energy and great programs keep me motivated and to keep striving for bigger and better goals. Couldn’t recommend him enough for anyone who is looking to gain strength, weight loss, or just as a motivational figure."

Sarah Lacy-Smith

"I went to Brandon as I really enjoyed his classes and wanted to get stronger, but didn’t know where to start with weights training. Within a few sessions he has got me confidently using barbells, dumbbells and the weights machines as well as equipping me with routines for me to do by myself. It was brilliant to be trained by someone who was so knowledgeable and passionate about what he does!" 

Scott Jolly

"I could not be happier with my results with Brandon, since our initial chat he was clear about his intentions and how he treats his clients and this did not disappoint. 

His focus, dedication and drive towards me reaching my goals has been second to none. I am able to follow a carefully developed training program, and meeting my nutrition goals with ease. Brandon is always there to guide and support me whether it is training or any nutrition questions. There is no question about Brandon's outstanding coaching methods and I could not be happier with the results.

If you're looking for someone to push you every step of the way, challenge you and offer you all of the guidance you need then Brandon is your man. A credit to the industry! Thank you for all of your hard work whipping me into shape!"

Sarah Allman

"I've been training with Brandon since January and results came quickly and consistently. I've noticed massive changes in my physique, mental state and overall wellbeing. Brandon pushes you to be your absolute best every time. It's pretty clear that he really enjoys what he does and that means that going to the gym isn't something I have to force myself to do!"

Michaela Beech

"I have had experience of a few personal trainers since taking up a healthier lifestyle and Brandon is by far the most motivating. He is constantly pushing me to do better and is always there to answer any questions about my training or diet! Brandon is realistic when it comes to diet, nutrition and exercise. He encourages you to ensure you live a balanced lifestyle but also makes sure you will see the results you want. He is patient and dedicated in every aspect of what he does. We have a laugh when we train and I believe that is key..... Training for me is not a chore now but something I want to do and enjoy doing! Thanks Brandon.” 

Lesley Reeve

"Brandon’s customer engagement is faultless and he is a natural motivator and coach. He supports and adds to my addiction to never give up. He loves what he does and he emanates that. During my postoperative care from a surgical procedure, I was asked to take it easy and not train for 6 months. Being an amateur runner, who has never had a rest period and an active parent, I found that difficult to adhere to, I needed to keep fit and active. Brandon was recommended to me as someone who would not be deterred with the surgery. We have planned and achieved 2 goals since my journey began in March 2016. (1) Strength, recovery and small weight loss in 9 weeks (2) More strength and more definition in a further 7 weeks and now my next goal (3) More muscle and to get ready for competitions again. Going beyond just running, I am ready to take on Triathlons. I believe with his help, I will smash it!!"

Mark Brackstone

"Brandon is a first class personal trainer who I couldn't recommend enough. We have been working together now for just over 3 months and I can certainly see and feel the difference! With Brandon's help I have lost weight and am slowly but surely toning up thanks to his tailored workout plans, great nutrition knowledge and very positive attitude he is always at the end of the phone offering help and encouragement so whatever your goal as long as you're dedicated, committed and prepared to put in the work you can't go wrong!!"

Jenna Nash

"I was never one to get to excited about going to the gym. But since signing up for personal training sessions with Brandon I feel so much more enthused about the gym. I'm feeling healthier and started to notice results, in how I feel and look, a lot sooner than I thought I would. I would recommend Brandon to anyone wanting to get into shape, he helps you to make the most of the time you spend in the gym, can assist with diet plans and makes exercise fun!!" 

Mikala Nash

"I have struggled with my weight since I went to university, my studying had me working shifts causing an irregular eating pattern and my weight has fluctuated ever since. 5 years ago I stopped smoking and I piled weight on despite dieting and exercising. Over the years I would join the gym and lose some weight but, like a lot of people, I would get bored and stop going even though I was still paying for it and then finally quit even though I hadn't reached my goal weight.
This is the first time I have ever used a personal trainer at the gym and it's the best decision I have ever made! Brandon is amazing; he has kept me motivated, our training sessions are always varied and he makes me push myself further than I would just training on my own. I have finally got back down to a size 12, which is the size I was when I started university 10 years ago and I am still loosing weight, which wouldn't have been possible without his help and support."

Daithi O'Brien

"I've been active and sporty my whole life, I've worked and competed as a kayaker, tried various training programs over the last ten years and recently started racing triathlons. I've been to numerous gyms and tried personal trainers but never felt impressed. After tearing my rotator cuff I knew I needed professional help to get my fitness and strength back but was reluctant to pay a personal trainer. I chose Brandon because Unlike most trainers he is a very successful and seasoned athlete (despite being young!) more than just going through the motions you learn on a PT course Brandon has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. I had high expectations going into these sessions but I've been blown away by how good he is. By really tailoring the sessions to my needs he's helped me make huge gains in strength that has had a great impact on my kayaking. And then despite having no triathlon experience he was able to use his understanding of the body to help improve my triathlon race times. The sessions have been tough and he really pushes you out of your comfort zone but that's where the magic happens! I cannot recommend him enough!" 

Mark Reading

"I first started working out a few months before seeing Brandon and managed to lose weight but this was from doing endless cardio as well as lifting weights but not really knowing what I was doing. I'd got to the point where I wanted to get some sort of muscle and definition but had no idea how to achieve it. I'd been thinking about a pt for a while and am so glad I finally decided to do it. Brandon gave me a workout plan to follow and explained all the exercises as half of them I pretty much had no clue. My form was awful on some exercises and he got me lifting less but with the correct form which I now understand the importance of. I am now lifting weights which I never thought I would be in a million years and that's thanks to him pushing me and me giving me the confidence that I can do it, which makes me want to continue to achieve more.
The other thing which he has a been a huge help with is my diet as i was continuing to lose weight when I didn't want to anymore. On top of this I was starting to feel tired and run down. I now understand food so much more and realise you need to put the food in to your body in order to grow so I'm now eating so much more than I was but the correct foods too. 
I've never done weights at the gym prior to starting this and now realise what I've been missing out on. I look forward to training each day and strive to increase what I can lift (with correct form of course). I feel so much better in myself and my lifestyle has completely changed compared to 4 or 5 months ago."