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Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Mind & Body Confidence Specialist

My online coaching is a great opportunity for those that want the results of my face to face client base but are unfortunately unable to get to me week in week out.

Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain or completely changing the way you look and feel. The benefits of online coaching are no matter where you live, how often you want to train. Brandon’s online coaching will match your personal lifestyle. We will work side by side to conquer your goals. You will receive a personalised diet plan, personalised training program and 24/7 support from Brandon. All of this is tailor made for you! You won"t only achieve the body and mindset you want. But, also learn so much about exercise and nutrition. Making you healthier and happier for life.

Online training consists of communicating over Google Drive, phone and WhatsApp to give you programs and nutrition to help you achieve the results you want.

I have had some outstanding results with my online clients and have an awesome system to help you get what you have worked hard for in the gym.

Online training isn't for everybody, you have to be self motivated, organised and disciplined.


What’s Included?

Meal Plan

  • Personalised Nutrition Plan

  • Personalised Macros & Calories, Designed For Your Goals.

  • Shopping List

  • Supplement Advice

  • Recipe E-Book

Training Plan

  • Personalised Training Plan

  • Tailored To Your Lifestyle & Injuries

  • Regular Changes To Your Plan. To Make Progress & Keep It Enjoyable!

  • A Variety Of Weight Training, HIIT Training & Cardio.


  • Once A Month, 1-2-1 Personal Coaching at Gymbox. To Look At Developing Your Technique, Mobility & To Overcome Any Other Barriers.

  • 24/7 Support & Motivation

  • Weekly Video Calls

  • Any Questions? I’m Here For You. Don’t Hesitate!

  • Direct Contact With Brandon.

This is not a “program” or a “plan” It’s a personalised coaching relationship. Whereby you as a client will be expected to report your progress and your lifting regularly to make the very best progress possible. Once I receive your consultation form, I will contact you to have a chat and get you up and running!

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